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Before you hire any live band for your Indiana event, you'll want to know you're getting a top quality, professional entertainment.  Mercy Sakes! musicians have been performing professionally in the Indianapolis area for years.  Call Don Smith at 317-748-1725 to answer any questions you have.
1.   Will I have a chance to hear a demo before hiring a group?

Yes.  Please visit our Listen page to hear a small sample of our sound.  You can also request a CD of sound samples by calling or emailing us (contact information can be found at the bottom of any page in our website), or by using our  contact page.  

2.   Can I see Mercy Sakes! perform in person before hiring them?

Yes!   Any scheduled public performances will be open to you of course, with any ticket prices or door fees your responsibility (we'll try to get you in for free whenever we can!) Private events such as weddings, receptions, or private parties will not usually be accessible.  Rare exceptions to this policy will be at the sole discretion of our client, and any visiting guests will need to dress appropriately for the occasion, and be a discreet presence.  

3.   I need music for my entire wedding, not just the reception - can Mercy Sakes! provide ceremony music too?

Absolutely - we can help with any music you need for the entire occasion.  We can provide piano, classical guitar, trumpet soloist, brass ensembles, string quartet, jazz trio, vocalists, flute and harp duet, or just about anything else you envision for your wedding ceremony!  We can also offer soft dinner music (piano, trio, jazz combo) at the beginning of the evening, and build it into a full high energy show as the night goes on!

4.   How much will it cost to hire the group?

That depends!    Please fill out our Contact page or simply call Don at (317)748-1725.   Rest assured that you will be given concrete prices once we know what your needs are, and the prices will be clearly spelled out on your contract.  Performances fees depend on length of service and whether or not you would like the jazz combo to perform prior to the party band.   

5.   Are there any other extra charges?  

No.  Everything will always be completely documented in a contract for our mutual understanding and protection.  If you request anything that would require additional costs due to additional personnel, rental fees, travel, lodging, purchased music for special requests, etc., this must be contracted and arranged in advance.  WE WILL NEVER POP ANY "OH-BY-THE-WAY" CHARGES ON YOU EVER!

6.   Will the musicians dress appropriately?  

Yes.   Always.  All musicians will dress in formal attire  for weddings (ceremonies and receptions) unless specifically requested not to by the wedding party.  For other events, the dress will always be appropriate for the event.  

7.   Can I request a specific song not on a group's songlist?

Yes.  We can make almost any request work!  In some cases, additional costs for purchase or arranging of a requested song will be charged, and these costs will be discussed with you and clearly indicated in the contract.   Please feel free to ask for a special song!

8.   Does Mercy Sakes! provide entertainment outside of the
Indianapolis area?

Yes.  We will be happy to perform for your event.  Any performances contracted outside a certain distance from Indy will incur a modest travel fee, which will be clearly identified in your contract.  Travel to suburbs of Indianapolis are not charged an extra fee.  

9.   Can we use your microphone for toasts and announcements?

Absolutely!  We can definitely provide use of the mic for toasts and announcements.  We can also make announcements for you at no additional charge.

10.  How far in advance should we book entertainment?

Obviously, in order to ensure availability, contact us as far in advance as possible.    But if you have a last minute need for entertainment, don't hesitate to call!  If we are not already booked, we can easily perform for your occasion on short notice!

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